Before going to University, where I studied Fashion Design, Marketing and Manufacture, I studied Textiles with Fashion at college. I adored textiles and even in my Uni years I would involve elements of textiles design into my collections. In my final year, my graduate collection was all cloth and trims bought in white, I then hand dyed each piece myself in the lab. …

Hey lovelies, the new website is well underway but nowhere near finished! I’m very busy behind the scenes creating a brand new conscious range, lots of lovely content and I’ve also decided to shoot the products myself!

Soon my Journals will cover — The ranges style and fit, the product photoshoot and why I have chosen to shoot them myself, set building with Ebor Resident, Mary and the VF models.

If your interested in the launch of the new site and what I’m doing BTS? Go to VIOLET FLAMINGO | BESPOKE — Opening Soon, sign up to my mailing list to keep up to date on all the gossip, also once it launches you’ll receive a 15% discount code valid on all the lovely VF pieces!

Have a fabulous week, Lindsey x

Throughout my career in fashion which is coming up to twenty years, I have never been happy with the fast fashion industry and have never wanted to play a part in it. After graduating from University my goal has always been to work for small independent, which I did for some time. I spent nearly seven years at a brand called Kevan Jon and whilst I was there my boss Kevan taught me everything, not just about pattern cutting and clothing construction but also how to run a business. …

Violet Flamingo

Violet Flamingo is a UK made fashion brand, bring bespoke luxury direct to you doorstep.

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